The Firefly House is a pan-Pagan organization and tradition of Wiccans, Witches, polytheists, and magick-workers based in the Washington DC area. We seek to maintain a community of individuals committed to building a deep spiritual practice, sharing knowledge, and helping one another in the journey of the Pagan experience.

We currently operate within a multipart structure with various functions in each:

Firefly Tradition of Witchcraft
As a tradition of witchcraft, we seek to encourage the growth of the soul’s evolution by engaging with the forces of the natural world and the sacred truths of our own inner beings. We do this through a set of shared goals that keep us accountable for our work, such as:

  • Observing the solar and lunar tides through sabbat and esbat rituals
  • Pursuing knowledge of spiritual and esoteric information (see our page on Training)
  • Maintaining a daily spiritual practice
  • Participating within the community
  • Establishing close bonds with members of the tradition, both through membership in covens and networking of solitary initiates.

See our full creed

Firefly Covens
Firefly is both a coven-based and solitary-based tradition. If a coven is located in your area, seekers may approach for membership if that coven is open to new members. Most Firefly members don’t belong to covens. Many are “outer court initiates” of the Firefly tradition of witchcraft.

See the structure of our covens

Check out Firefly initiates on ABC’s Good Morning Washington interview:
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