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Welcome to the Firefly House


The Firefly House is grounded in Wicca but open to members of any Pagan tradition and respectful, non-Pagans as well.


You can be part of the Firefly House and a member of other Pagan groups or even non-Pagan religious organizations.

Radically Inclusive

We work hard to affirm diverse, intersectional voices in our work including BIPOC, disabled, and queer individuals.

Community Building

Join us once in a while or frequently; we’re happy to have you or to help you find a better fit in the DMV for your needs.

Washington DC Witchcraft

The Firefly House is a pan-Pagan organization based in the Washington, DC area. Our ceremonies are rooted in Wiccan traditions, but our membership encompasses everything from druids, witches, heathens, and ceremonial magicians to polytheists, pantheists, animists, and even atheists. We aim to learn about our spiritual beliefs and practices, including ritual and witchcraft, by sharing knowledge collaboratively across our community and through public rituals and events.