Celebrating Initiations: Michael and Pádraig

Last week, the Firefly tradition of Witchcraft celebrated the initiations of two members to what we call our “Outer Court.” Outer Court initiates are valued members who have gone through training in Firefly’s style of Wicca and Witchcraft, regularly attend events, and agree to strive towards certain aspirations within their spiritual lives.
The most recent initiations were held at the start of our midsummer celebration on Saturday, June 22, in the center of a cast and consecrated circle as tradition dictates.

Left: Pádraig de na Sióga
Right: Michael Cabrera

Pádraig de na Sióga is a gay male artist, cunning man, hedge-wizard, kitchen witch, gardener (rosarian), and seer. He became interested in magic after a series of ecstatic dreams in his early childhood and brings over thirty years of Craft experience to the Firefly Tradition. He follows an individual solitary practice of Traditional American Witchcraft or The New Crooked Path to be specific: a panentheistic spirituality based on North American folklore and magic. Pádraig is also a student of the Anderson Feri Tradition (BlueRose lineage).
Pádraig says he enjoys working with the “Fireflies” because of their diversity of neo-pagan beliefs/practices (Druidism, Eclectic Wicca, Trad Craft, to name just a few) and wonderful family spirit.
Michael Cabrera says of his experiences: I would say I’ve been interested in more intuitive forms of the Craft my whole life, but I never actively pursued it until last year, when a derecho hit and I was camping on a mountain. The screaming force of winds and blue-white flares of lightning among black clouds both frightened and inspired me. I spent the last portion of that storm outside among bowing trees, looking up at the sky and thinking, “You are beautifully terrifying.” I made a vow to myself to follow a more nature-based path with particular emphasis on the Craft.
Firefly’s open door to new comers is what attracted me most. The approachable nature of David as well as other members has been essential in my growth in the Craft.
Congratulations to our most recent Firefly initiates and to those who are close to entering the fold as well!

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