The Firefly House Reaches New Milestone at 300 Local Members





Great news! The Firefly House has recently reached 300 official members in our local DC-area. The Firefly House as an organization houses programming for public Pagan events and services in addition to our more specific spiritual and magickal system, the Firefly tradition of witchcraft. With 300 local in-person members in the organization as a whole, Firefly is one of the largest Wiccan/Pagan organizations in the Washington DC area.

The major thanks for this achievement belong to the dozens of initiates (priests and priestesses) of the Firefly tradition who work tirelessly to provide events, services, and community for hundreds of events around the area, both within covens and outside of them. Thanks in large part also goes to each and every one of our members and guests who make us who we truly are: a family committed to social change, community outreach, and deeper spiritual and magickal contact.

Of course, quality is always better than quantity when it comes to building a tradition. Firefly members are some of the most committed Pagans in the area, representing at conferences, festivals, and human justice actions around the nation. It really takes a village and we’ve built an excellent one.

To get involved with us locally, check us out on meetup and sign up for your first event. We look forward to seeing you!


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