Last night, a white gunman opened fire on parishioners of a historically-black church in Charleston, SC. Nine beautiful human souls crossed the veil last night as their lives were snatched from them by unimaginable human evil.

Members and initiates of Firefly stand in support of the Charleston community, and the community of the church that was attacked. It is important that members of other faiths show support and solidarity when anyone is attacked. All places of worship and devotion, regardless of faith identity, should be safe spaces from the dangers and cruelty of the outside world. Whether Baptist church or Wiccan coven, we need spaces free from violence.

The other layer to this is the continued realization that black and brown lives are not safe in this country, whether by a single civilian gunman, or by an urban community’s oppressive law enforcement regime that continues to target black and brown boys, girls, women, and men. This is not ok. We must all do what we can to stand up against violence, racism, and oppression however we can. Sometimes that means learning, sometimes acting, but always listening.

As witches, as recognize that we are part of the ebb and flow of an interconnected life-force energy that demands our attention and continued effort in making the web stronger for all. We’re all in this together and violence and hatred does not exist in a vacuum. It’s up to each and every one of us to learn how we can each do better at making our communities safer and more just.

We pray for the families. We prayed for the communities. We pray for each other. May there be justice and peace.

Blessed Be.

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