Cleansing Your Life Through Planetary Power

The following post is from Firefly tradition priest David Salisbury:

I’ve had a lot of questions come through about what the heck is going on with the planets lately. Admittedly, astrology has never been my strong suit. In fact, it’s what I’ve long considered to be my weakest subject! But I do believe that every good witch and mystic should be as well-rounded in the magical arts as they can be, so I try and learn as much as I can, if only to stay with the currents and remain well-equipped for whatever comes my way.

Most of the complaints I’ve been seeing in my feed, in emails from readers, and even texts from my mother (hi mom!) have been surrounding communication, aggression, and confrontation. While some people feel planetary shifts more notably than others, the current situation in the sky right now is being felt widely by many people. Multiple planets are in retrograde, along with various other aspects that are making astrologers fill up their appointment books with calls from concerned clients asking “when will it end?!”

The stock advice a lot of people give in these wacky planetary dilemmas is to simply wait it out, think twice, and just keep your life together as much as possible. But as a witch and mystic who prides himself on being proactive, that just isn’t good enough for me. My solution? Cleanse the chaos away!

As you might know, there are a ton of different ways you can cleanse your space and your own self of chaos, sadness, and general bad luck. So while the planets are playing a big ol game of cosmic whack-a-mole, how about we fight fire with fire? Here’s a little working I wrote to help:

A Planetary Cleansing

To prepare: Find some quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for about 10 to 15 minutes. When you enter this place, sit in a comfortable position and being breathing slowly and intentionally. I like to take breaths with an inhale of 7 seconds, holding for 7 seconds, exhaling for 7 seconds, holding for 7 seconds, and repeating. After a few rounds of this, breathe regularly once again.

The working:
Close your eyes and tilt your head upwards. Imagine that you stare into a starry sky, thick with all the planets, stars, and whirling galaxies known and unknown. Imagine that amidst this starry landscape, the sun shines brightly and moves towards you. As it does, feel golden yellow rays of light project down over your body, washing you in vibrant yellow color. Feel it penetrating every pore of your being, washing away any harmful psychic debris. Breathe deeply as you feel this solar yellow light move through you.

Next, feel a bright full moon approaching you. Just as you did with the sun, feel the white light of the moon projecting down to you, washing away all obstacles, feelings of sadness, and harm.

Next, feel Mars, the red planet moving towards you. Mars projects a vibrant red beam of light down to you, cleansing away excess feelings of aggression and anger. Continue to breathe.

Now feel the planet Mercury come into sight. Imagine Mercury shooting down a beam of orange light into your body. Feel Mercury cleansing away feelings of struggle, particularly in the areas of communication and expression. As with the other planets, feel this light flow fully through you with every breath.

As Mercury fades away, the enormous planet of Jupiter comes into the picture. Imagine Jupiter projecting beams of bright purple energy into you, cleansing away feelings of limitation, poverty, and enclosure.

Next, imagine the planet Venus approaching you. Feel Venus project a green ray of light through you, cleansing away feelings of bitterness, hatred, and alienation. The power of Venus feels refreshing and fills you with a new sense of desire for love.

Finally, feel the dark planet Saturn approach you. Imagine that Saturn projects a strong black/silver ray of energy through you. As it does, imagine that this powerful ray clears and banishes any remaining energetic garbage that might still be attached to you. Let this beam of energy remain a little longer than the other planets as its mighty inky power seeks out and carries away all that does not serve you.

Once this is done, breathe slowly and intentionally again, feeling a new-found sense of liberation and freedom overtake you. Once this working is done, drink some water, eat some food and move around a bit. Do something to call in new feelings of completion, abundance, and joy. The working is now done.


Screenshot 2016-05-11 at 8.01.50 PMDavid Salisbury is a Firefly initiate and high priest of Coven of the Spiral Moon. He is the author of various books on magick and mysticism and lives in Washington DC. His new book, A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing will be released in September 2016. You can find find updates on his latest work at



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