Firefly Tradition
As a Wiccan tradition, we seek to encourage the growth of the soul’s evolution by engaging with the forces of the natural world and the sacred truths of our own inner beings. We do this through a set of shared goals that keep us accountable for our work, such as:

  • Observing the solar and lunar tides through sabbat and esbat rituals
  • Pursuing knowledge of spiritual and esoteric information
  • Maintaining a daily spiritual practice
  • Participating within the community
  • Establishing close bonds with members of other traditions, both through membership in covens and networking of solitary initiates.

Tradition Ideology
As a tradition, we hold certain unique traits that help to define our work while creating space for individual growth. In particular, our tradition has an understanding of the following ideals:

  1. The belief in the divine as both a masculine, feminine, both, and neither entity. This often manifests in group ritual as the identification of a Goddess and God (The Great Mother and the Great Father). However, we consider our tradition non-dualist in nature and make room for the expression of unique deities. Thus, many of our members consider themselves polytheists under this ideal.
  2. The understanding that the five elements are responsible for all Earthly manifestation in the form of earth, air, fire and water. We hold spirit (center) as an element of its own and will invoke it within the ritual structure along with the prime four.
  3. The value of magick and ritual as essential tools for spiritual development. Magick and ritual are performed for both the advancement of the soul’s purpose and the pursuit of “ordinary” worldly goals. Both spiritual and physical success are of value.
  4. Cooperation with the spirits to assist us in personal development and the pursuit of individual and group desire. Spirits of the land and our ancestors are regularly petitioned in the name of their honor and to ask for assistance.
  5. That the self is made up of various parts. Our souls are complex and multi-layered. We seek to have knowledge of all our various parts and integrate them into a state of wholeness and balance.
  6.  The understanding that both the dark and the light are necessary for growth and the integration of the various parts of the self. In addition to the pursuit of our lovely desires, we all seek to know our personal “demons” by facing our fears and unbinding our unhelpful complexes. This “shadow work” is approached frequently, especially within the framework of the 2nd degree of our covens.