The Firefly House provides a great number of classes, trainings, and lectures throughout the year by our members, supporters, and invited guests. Some classes (like every class in our annual Foundations of Witchcraft training series) are free, some have a suggested sliding scale donations, and some are ticketed events. Sign up for our Meetup page to get the latest information on upcoming events.
Firefly Foundations of Witchcraft Training Series
Our Foundations of Witchcraft training series is a six part class taught in a series of three sessions (two classes per session). Each session runs through hours long. The first session is in March, the second in April, and the third in May. All classes in this series are free, although you are welcome to tip your teacher. We post the information on each class around February before the series begins. The foundations series can be taken simply for your own personal curiosity and practice or you can take them with the intention of initiating into the outer court membership of our tradition. All foundations classes are typically taught in either Arlington or DC and we strive to ensure that they are all Metro-accessible.
In this series you will learn:

  • Wiccan history
  • Wiccan cosmology and theology
  • Foundations of magic and energy
  • The tools of witchcraft
  • The elements
  • Sabbats (holidays) of the witch
  • Firefly-specific beliefs and practices within our tradition