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Help us ensure a successful and magickal 2017! We provide multiple events and classes that we try to make as accessible as possible. Our entire foundations of witchcraft class series is 100% free! Your generous donations make all of that possible, so thank you!

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Where will your donation go?
Everywhere! Firefly is one of the largest pagan organizations in the DC-area and is the largest public witchcraft education and events organization in DC itself. We put on a variety of programming for witches and pagan in and around DC such as:

  • Open sabbat gatherings throughout the year for both members and guests alike
  • 100% free foundational training in Wicca and traditional practical witchcraft and magick
  • Social gatherings such as happy hours, coffee meetups, movie outings and field trips
  • Volunteer work focused on helping the environment, animals, and towards social justice
  • and much, much more!

Will you help further the growth of witchcraft and pagan community in the DC-area in 2017? Donate today.