6th Annual Samhain Dumb Supper

The “Dumb Supper” is an old Victorian tradition that comes from the peak of the spiritualist movement in the late 19th and early 20th century Europe. Traces of dining with the dead go back for a millennia and can be found in the Celtic, Scandinavian, Saxon, Southeast Asian, and Mexican peoples.

The Wiccan tradition of the Dumb Supper (also called the “Red Meal” in Traditional Witchcraft) consists of a potluck dinner that is eaten in complete and total silence. Each person should bring a dish that is either important to your family or a favorite food of a beloved deceased person. Once all the food is prepared and everyone is seated, the meal commences in silence at the toll of a bell. During the time of silence, you may eat your meal and then commune with the spirits of your beloved ones if you finish early.

Please bring:
-A dish to share
-Photos and/or mementos of your beloved dead for the ancestor altar

IMPORTANT: This event is perhaps the most popular event on the Firefly calendar each year. As such, we have to limit participation to 25  people. PLEASE only RSVP if you are absolutely 100% certain that you will attend. An RSVP without attending means that you might be taking the spot of someone who could have gone. Emergencies happen and that’s understandable, but please limit RSVP changes to emergencies only and contact the organizers directly to explain.
If you are attempting to RSVP and all the spots are full, message the organizers and we’ll put you on a wait-list. Note: It is rare that the wait-list opens up, but it does on occasion. 

Please wear BLACK if you can. Extra points if it’s black ritual garb!

Once the holy meal is complete and the silence ends, the night will turn into a Halloween party with divination for the coming year, potioncrafting, movies, and more.

Volunteers willing to stay late for cleanup are welcomed and appreciated. 

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