7th Annual Samhain Dumb Supper


RSVP’s for this event are now closed – we’ve reached capacity.  But, if you want to be added to the waiting list, please email Dash at [masked].  He’ll add you to the waiting list. We may be able to extend an invitation to others.

The “Dumb Supper” is an old Victorian tradition that comes from the peak of the spiritualist movement in the late 19th and early 20th century Europe. Traces of dining with the dead go back for a millennia and can be found in the Celtic, Scandinavian, Saxon, Southeast Asian, and Mexican peoples.

The Wiccan tradition of the Dumb Supper (also called the “Red Meal” in Traditional Witchcraft) consists of a potluck dinner that is eaten in complete and total silence. Each person should bring a dish that is either important to your family or a favorite food of a beloved deceased person. Once all the food is prepared and everyone is seated, the meal commences in silence at the toll of a bell. During the time of silence, you may eat your meal and then commune with the spirits of your beloved ones if you finish early.

If you can, please bring photos and mementos of your beloved deceased for the altar of the dead.

Now that our attendance is finalized, there are five things to think about in this email (menu, logistics, pets, booze, and dress).  It’s a long email, but it’s important stuff.  If you have any questions, you can reply and Meetup will helpfully make sure that I get it.


Now that the attendee list is complete, it’s time to start thinking about food.  I’ve created a Google Spreadsheet that’ll help out with meal preparations.  You can find it here:


When you know what you’re going to bring to dinner, hit up that spreadsheet and fill-in what you plan to provide.  Just be careful not to remove anyone else’s information!  The goal is that everyone bring something that’s relevant to their ancestors.  We’ll build in some time to share their stories before we go silent during dinner if anyone wants to explain where in your personal history (or in the world) your dish has come from.  That said, “supplies” and “beverages” are options and neither of those might be genealogically relevant, though they’re still welcome.


I’ve hosted Firefly events at my house before — typically make-up classes for the Foundations classes — and while things have worked out in the past, this’ll be the largest gathering of folks that have descended upon my domicile.  There are marked visitor’s spots in the lot near my town house.  Additionally, you can park along Windbreak Drive leading up the hill to my place or in marked visitor’s spots in other lots along Windbreak.  Finally, there’s a lot at the bottom of the hill with businesses that remain open until 10pm; there’s also a 24-hour 7-11 down there.  Both lots are well lit, and we can shuttle people from the bottom of the hill up to the house as needed.

To help with these logistics — and to maybe help people carpool — check out this second Google spreadsheet (there’s only two, I swear):


On this one, let us know who you are, how we can contact you, and where you’re coming from.  These data should help us coordinate if anyone can ride together reducing the cars that need parking.  It’ll also help us know who might be using the metro to get here to see if we can coordinate pickups or drop-offs.

If you see someone else’s information in the sheet when you go to use it that might work as a carpool (or metro buddy), drop them a line and see if you can arrive together.  If not, that’s okay; we’ll make it work.

Note: the final train out of Huntington station is 10:55pm Monday – Thursday.  If you’re arriving by metro, keep that in mind.  There is room here if you want to crash overnight and some of that space even has doors you can close to avoid being annoyed by cats all night (unless you like that sort of thing)!


Megan (my partner) and I have 3 cats, 1 dog, and 4 snakes.  The allergic should be ready with their meds; two out of three cats are long haired.  We’ll clean up the afternoon of the event to try and free the house of the majority of the pet dander, but it’ll be impossible to remove all of it.  We’ll corral at least the cats and maybe the dog during dinner, but may need/want to let them free once the food has been sequestered back in the kitchen. If nothing else, the dog will eventually need a walk.

The snakes are in terrariums on the second floor.  Anyone squicked out by them can just not go into their room.  Anyone who wants to meet them can also do so, just ask first as there’s only really one that behaves regularly enough to be handled.  If you don’t like snakes and you do end up wanting to crash overnight, we have rooms that don’t have snakes in them for people to stay.  Unless you like the idea of crashing with the snakes; they won’t mind.


Megan and I have a variety of white and red wines and scotches, bourbons, and whiskeys.  There’s likely to be some gin and vodka in the house, too.  A random assortment of beers and ciders are usually around, too, but they’re fewer in numbers.  If you have a specific beverage of the adult variety that you enjoy, feel free to bring it, but if you prefer to drink our booze, it’ll be available.


Please dress in black.  Bonus points (that don’t matter) if you dress in black ritual garb!

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