A Very British Witchcraft

How did a revivalist movement of magic started by an old English nudist become one of the fastest growing religious movements in the world? How did modern pagan Witchcraft spread so rapidly in conservative 1950’s southern England? A curious and ambitious man named Gerald Gardner.

Secret initiations, a ritual to ward off Hitler’s army, and the writing of the first Book of Shadows. This phenomenal hour-long documentary explores the origins of contemporary neopagan witchcraft, it’s founder, and the birth of the only native religion that England has ever given to the world: Wicca.

After, members of Coven of the Spiral Moon will share the story of our excursion to southern England to visit the locations of the movie, including our uncanny and spontaneous opportunity to enter and explore the house where Gerald was initiated in 1939.

Popcorn and refreshments will be provided. Seating is extremely limited and space will be tight so we ask that you only RSVP if you are very certain that you will attend.

This event is free, although we welcome and encourage donations to support the work of The Firefly House.

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