A Witch’s Show & Tell

“Witchcraft is a very serious study of a…oh look! Something Shiny!!”

Between crystals and cauldrons and books and besoms, we witches sure do love our toys. Join us for a happy hour “show and tell” and bring in some of your favorite¬†witchy things to show the group. It might be something interesting that has a long story, or it could be something as simple as a witchy book you love, a piece of jewelry, or even your witchy tattoo! Show us your best bling.

A special prize will be given to whomever the group thinks has the neatest story behind their piece.

-You’re welcome to bring in multiple objects. Try to keep them on the smaller side (so no human-sized cauldrons or magical wrecking balls).

-Be aware that this is a bar space so be careful about bringing something fragile. We hope you’ll allow your objects to be passed around, but you don’t have to.

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