Cleansing & Clearing Class

2nd Floor Meeting Room (behind the main help desk)

This class is based on the speaker’s forthcoming book “A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing.” Learn nature-based ways to purify your personal space from a witch’s perspective. From the broom to the bathtub, you’ll leave this session armed with the tools necessary to break free, reclaim power, and establish spiritual well-being that lasts.

Suggested donation of $10, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. All are welcome.
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David Salisbury: David Salisbury is a witch and activist from Washington, DC and teaches Witchcraft-based topics throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The focal point of his leadership is a service-based approach that seeks to expand the unique gifts that each person came into the world with. He works to co-facilitate The Firefly House, a witchcraft tradition in DC. He is author of three books including The Deep Heart of Witchcraft, Teen Spirit Wicca, and A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing.

Have the day free? Come out to the library a couple hours early for our Divination Practice session, two hours before this class.

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