Elementary Magick: 5 Levels of Alchemy

Note: This is an event hosted by Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, not Firelfy. ASW is a respected Wiccan tradition in the mid-Atlantic so we are happily passing on word of this class to our members here. Please read carefully for registration information as you must register with them directly, not us. Enjoy!


Most spiritual practitioners are familiar with the concepts and basic
correspondences of the five alchemical elements and their usefulness
in assisting the work intended. But, if you dig a little deeper into the
greater mysteries of these powerful allies, you will find that there is a
wealth of understanding and connection that may be cultivated to
bring the level of your work into a richer and more satisfying

We will begin with an overview of the alchemical elements and the
body of understanding that has developed as time and use have
crafted. From this familiar foundation, the journey will begin
through each of the singular elements as the aperture widens and the
picture taken reveals more than what we imagined.

This class will be highly experiential and assist in creating personal
templates of use and connection for each of the elements to support
your personal practice. Theory, poetry, sound, pathworkings, and
intention directed experiential practice will build you’re your
existing elemental foundation and create new paths of a journey of
deeper insights and more focused tools to claim as your own. The
weekend will conclude with a ritual of elemental synthesis.
Please bring:

Plenty of water and a few snacks for grounding
• Note-taking materials
• Ritual robe (encouraged, but not required).

To register, email [masked].
Cost: $25 (Proceeds to the New Alexandrian Library)
This workshop is sponsored by the Fellowship of the Ancient
White Stag, a coven of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.

Third Degree Initiate within
the Assembly of the Sacred
Wheel Tradition and serves as
High Priestess of Coven of the
Mystic Path within the ASW.
Her spiritual journey spans
four decades and is strongly
rooted in both Eastern
philosophy and the Western
Magickal systems. From these
she has formed a core
foundation that is diverse in
knowledge, rich in spiritual
practice, and serves as the
wellspring of resource for her
teaching and writing.

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