Firefly Foundations: Wicca 1 and Tools (Make-up Session)

A few folks requested a make-up session for our Wicca 1 and Tools class. We don’t usually do make-ups, but in this case it wasn’t too hard to work into our schedule. If you missed Wicca 1, this is the only other opportunity to complete that class this year, though it’ll be offered again next year.

This class starts with a “crash course” in Wiccan history, beliefs and practices. Particular focus will be placed on how these practices are performed within our specific tradition of Wicca.

We will then break for a few minutes and return for “Tools” class, covering the function of the basic tools of the Craft: wand, athame, cup, and pentacle.

Completion of the three Foundations classes is required for initiation in the Firefly Outer Court or either of the Firefly covens.

A note on the location: because this is a make-up, we will be meeting at the instructor’s house. It’s not on the metro, but Dash can meet you at the Huntington Station (yellow line) and bring you back to his place if you need a ride; Uber, Lyft, and and taxis are also available. There are also visitor parking spaces available nearby if you’re driving. Also, Dash’s household includes three cats, a dog, and four snakes. If you’re allergic (or uncomfortable) around any of these, be prepared to encounter the former two; the snakes will be in their terrariums!


If you’re driving to Dash’s place, he lives in a cul-de-sac at the top of a hill.  You can park along Windbreak drive going up the hill or at any place in the parking lots marked for visitors.  This image shows where the closest visitor parking spots are to his place:

The island in the middle has a yellow curb; that’s to indicate that there’s no parking there during snow.  Since that seems unlikely on Sunday, you can park there if spots are available.  Other than the highlighted area in the image above, there are other visitor spots both in the lot at the top of the hill and in lots on either side of Windbreak going up the hill. 

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