Firefly Foundations: Wicca 1 & Tools Classes

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Join us for the first in our three-part series on Wicca and Witchcraft, as practiced within the Firefly tradition!

This class starts with a quick “crash course” in Wiccan history, beliefs and practices. Particular focus will be placed on how these practices are performed within our specific tradition of the Craft.

We will then break for a few minutes and return for “Tools” class, covering the function of the basic tools of the Craft: wand, athame, cup, and pentacle.

Completion of these Foundations classes is required for initiation in the Firefly Outer Court. For initiation requirements: members who already have an extensive background of experience within Wicca may “opt out” of Wicca 1, but only with prior permission from the instructor. This is a 101 class, but there will be topics covered from within our tradition that you may not be aware of. You will need to take an opt-out test in advance and pass it.

Cost? This class and the entire Firefly Foundations in Wicca course is 100% FREE. However, we greatly appreciate small donations of any kind, which help us cover the cost of meetup and website fees. Thanks!

-4:00-5:30: Wicca 1
-15 Min Break
-5:45-7:00: Tools

Dash and Shea

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