Firefly Summer Initiates Retreat (initiates only)

Join us for our FIRST annual summer retreat for initiates of the Firefly Tradition! 

Registration fee can be paid at

Who can attend:
-All initiates, including new initiates who will receive initiation by our annual initiation date (Litha 2015). New initiates: you must have completed the entire Wicca 1-3 course plus your special project and received initiation on Litha before the retreat date. If you’re not an initiate yet but plan to be one, go ahead and RSVP so you can save the date. We will simply remove the RSVP’s of all non-initiates after Litha.
-Each initiate can bring 1 member of their kin (family or similar). If you need to bring another, contact David and we can figure it out. We must know in advance if you plan to bring more than yourself. Please also keep in mind that there will be a couple of closed sessions for initiates only.

Primary Purpose:
The Firefly House has existed in some form or another for close to 10 years now. As we’ve grown into a solid tradition over the years, we have developed a core of strong, capable, and talented initiates. This is an attempt to get all initiates together in one place for relaxation, camaraderie, team-building, bonding, and learning.

Specifically, we will be doing creative visioning work on what we want our organization and tradition to look like in the coming years. We will help look at the specific talents of everyone so that everyone has a chance to step up and participate more deeply if you desire that. This is YOUR tradition and it will become what you help make of it. 

Secondary Purpose:
Outside of our larger work, there will be plenty of games, bonding exercises, food, and drink! We are working on possibly providing a meal plan that you can pay for ahead of time if you don’t want to worry about bringing all of your own food. More on that later.

We also hope to have some specialized, advanced learning sessions taught by each other in areas that we’re more deeply familiar with. This cross-training and higher learning in occult topics is deeply valued in the initiates ring.

It will cost about $200 to rent this space. We estimate that if 16-20 people come, we can each pay just $15 for the day. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but please pay the registration as soon as you can so that the space is financially secured.

More information is forthcoming as we hammer out further location details. Please refer to this page for updates.

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