Flying to the Witches’ Sabbath

Join us for this extremely popular annual class on historical sabbatic witchcraft!

Examining the historical and cultural themes around the notorious sabbat of the witches. The witch sabbath was used frequently throughout the witchcraft persecutions of Europe as a means to indict accused persons as being in league with the “Devil.”  Buried beneath layers of shocking and taboo imagery are themes of ecstatic connection with the ancestors, spirits, and gods of the Old Craft. This session will explore topics such as the Wild Hunt, the pact and initiation, the ‘obscene kiss’, and the famous poison flying ointment. Other topics include:

Historical accounts
The witches’ sabbath in the burning times
The meaning of the ‘Man in Black’, the Horned God, and the Witch Queen
The Witches Rite of Initiation through the lens of new-Christian Europe
The sacrament and feast of the gathering
Spirit flight and possession
The nocturnal coven
The path of poison
Implementing the imagery of the Witches’ Sabbath for spiritual development

Suggested optional donation: $10+ or whatever you think the class is worth. Donations are appreciated to help us keep up with meetup costs. Thank you! 🙂

Location- Like last year, we’re going to make this a picnic class and enjoy the great outdoors while we learn! Bring something to sit on. You can find us in one of the patches of grass by the fountains, more towards the Books-A-Million side.

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