Halloween: Myth and Magic

Did you know that Halloween is generally considered the oldest holiday still widely celebrated in human history? Did you know that most of the modern-day traditions associated with the holiday are steeped in pagan and witchcraft-related origin? Did you know that YOU can tap into the energies of this extremely powerful time? 

Join us at Sacred Circle Books for a workshop on the history, lore, and meaning behind Halloween, more anciently known as “Samhain” to the pagan peoples. We’ll discuss the origins of the day, its suppression by the early church, and the symbolism of modern-day traditions and how modern magick-workers can make most of the day. At the end, we will craft an old charm designed to ward off vengeful spirits and invite the power of abundance into the home. 

Instructor: David Salisbury

This class is only $20 if you register at least 2 days before. To register early, you MUST call Sacred Circle Books so they can take your name down: (703)[masked]

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