Healing for Lake Accotink

Lake Accotink Park has long been home to many of our sabbats, rituals, full moon celebrations and twilight meditations for various pagan friendly groups in the area as well as for so many of us as individuals. Sadly it has recently been the site of a tragedy with the gang related murder of a teen girl. Please help us dispel any residual negative energy and restore the peaceful balance and harmony of the lake and surrounding lands that we all get so much from.

We will come together as a group for a grounding and healing circle in the southeastern corner of the main parking lot then fan out in pairs and small groups to spread positive healing energy to the lake and surrounding lands. We will meet in the southeastern corner of the main parking lot (near the trash dumpsters.) Look for a red Honda Element. Because we will fan out in small groups, please use meetup to “check-out.” Simply use the good to see you feature or a short message.

Thank you

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