Let’s Write a Ritual!

Let’s Write a ritual for Beltane! I’ve got a basic framework for an idea of a Beltane ritual, but it’d be nice to hang out and put some meet on those bones together! If you’ve never written a ritual before or if you’ve done this a bunch of times, feel free to come over to my place and we’ll do it together. I’ll have some basic snacks and some drinks (both of the soda and adult variety), but feel free to bring something you if you want to, though this doesn’t have to be a full pot luck style thing.

My house is home to my wife and I and our three cats, one dog, and four snakes. The allergic are advised to take their meds. If you’re not a fan of snakes, they’re on the second floor, so you don’t even need to see them unless you want to. Also, as many of you know, my Megan is Catholic, so don’t be surprised when you see a mash-up of different faith symbols throughout the residence.

When you get here, parking is available on Windbreak Drive and in the parking spots labeled for visitors. The closest metro station is Huntington on the yellow line, but it’s still a 5-10 minute lyft ride from there to my place. If anyone wants me to pick them up at the metro, we can probably work something out, but I’ll also have to play host to others who are arriving so timing will be crucial.

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