Litha Gathering & Annual Initiations

Join us for an open community celebration of the Litha sabbat! This rite will observe the powerful summer solstice, the height of the strength of the Great Sun King. Join us as we invoke the holy power of the sun and Earth into our own beings, the circle, and the land.

This sabbat will also hold our annual public initiations for members who have completed the Foundations Course material and will be joining the Firefly house Outer Court as Initiates. Initiates will be infused and connected with the power of the Firefly egregore, that connective force that joins us all together.

All are welcome and new initiates are requested to wear some article of white clothing.

2-3: Gathering and social
3-4: Solstice Ritual & Initiations
4-6: Potluck Feast(please bring a dish to share), crafting, and celebration

LOCATION NOTE: This year we will NOT be at our usual shelter. You will follow the path past the shelter, turning right until you get the the open field. We’ll be there doing a “picnic style” event. Bring blankets or chairs for seating.

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