Litha Open Ritual + Annual Firefly Initiations

Join us for an open community celebration of the Litha sabbat! This rite will observe the powerful summer solstice, the height of the strength of the Great Sun King. The world of human and fey blurs together as the lines between the veils shimmer and wane on this enchanted day. Join us as we invoke the holy power of the sun and Earth into our own beings, the circle, and the land. The illuminated sphere of Tifereth will descend into the light of our crown as we claim our divine nature.

This sabbat will also hold our annual public initiations for members who have completed the six-part (3 sessions) outer court course material and will be joining Firefly membership in the roles of fully initiated priests and priestesses. Initiates will be infused and connected with the power of the Firefly egregore, that connective force that joins us all together.

Candidates: After completing Wicca 3 and all require assignments after, please let us know if you intend to initiate by June 1 so we can prepare.

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