Mabon Ritual Gathering

Join us for our open celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, known in the Craft as Mabon! Mabon is a sort of Wiccan Thanksgiving… We look to the fruits of our lives and ask the gods to continue to bless us with prosperity, abundance, and joy. It is at this time of year that the falling God of the grain is slain as His spirit makes it’s way through the land of death. The Lady, stirring with loneliness and love, descends to the Underworld to learn of the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. We thank the Lady for giving humanity a glimpse of these mysteries in the display of the browning leaves all around us.

Through the holy mystery of the pomegranate, we will seek the blessing of Persephone as she descends to the Underworld for a period of six months. We seek the blessing of her mother Demeter, who will mourn her descent by casting the earth into half a year of shadow. Now is the time to look within. What are we grateful for?

This year, as we did last year, we offer the option for meetup members to camp with us Saturday night for extended activities and offerings. See the registration page for full details, instructions, and a tentative weekend schedule:
Initiates have the option of camping with us Friday night as well (and this is encouraged). Initiates: to register for borth nights, please select “Full Weekend” on the registration page)

If you would like to see what Fireflies do after dark, rent a cabin and stay over in the park with us.  

The Firefly Mabon celebration is free but Prince William Forest changes $7 per vehicle entrance fee to the park. 

Parking is limited at the campsite so carpooling is encouraged—plus it saves on the park entry fee.  But there are satellite parking lots nearby.

Our Mabon gathering places a special focus on the potluck aspect, so please do try to bring something bigger than a small snack. If you’re not a great cook, that’s ok, prepped foods are welcome too. The potluck coordinator will be posting requests in the comments below 

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