Shades of the Dead: Exploring the Spirit World in Modern Witchcraft

Ghosts. Spirits. Ancestors. Phantoms of the night. Who are the dead? What do they want from us? What does the work of the witch involve when encountering them? Join us for our second year of our popular “Shades of the Dead” talk!

As the veil between the worlds wanes thin towards Samhain time, this class will explore these questions and more. Specific topics include:

⋆The view of the dead and their journey from pagan classic theologies
⋆The difference between spirits and ghosts
⋆Honoring the ancestors both for devotion and in magical practice
⋆The witch as medium and channel
⋆The difference between mediumship and necromancy
⋆Types of mediumship
⋆Protection from malefic spirits

Your suggested class donation of $10 (online or in-person) will go primarily towards funding our Samhain Dumb Supper. After that, the remaining will go to the instructors.

Instructor Patrick Kyteler is a Traditional Witch with 40 years of experience in witchcraft and physical mediumship. Co-instructor David Salisbury is a Firefly initiate with 20 years of experience in witchcraft and leads the Dumb Supper each year.

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