Silent Temple Hour

“To know, to will, to dare, and to keep silent” is the wisdom imparted to us by the Witch’s Pyramid. Silence in shared community brings us the intimate experience of trust, beauty, and empowered surrender.

Join us for this simple event where we’ll sit in shared silence for an hour that is entirely your own. Read some of the hundreds of magical books in David’s esoteric library (or bring your own), crochet, sip tea, or simply sit in meditation and prayer. The time is yours!

A spread of teas and breakfast cookies will be provided by this session’s host. After, some folks may decide to go out for brunch together or simply go their separate ways.

Need an idea of something to meditate on? This morning the moon will be full! Focus on the powers of the new spring moon, on growth and abundance. I’ll have some books out on moon magic if you’d like to flip through them.

(P.S. We are looking for others to host Silent Temple Hours in other parts of the DMV area. Do you have a quiet space where you could host folks one Sunday morning? Let us know!)

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