Tarot Time at Dash’s

C’mon over to Dash’s place, drink his booze (if you’re so inclined), and talk Tarot!

Many of the folks we’ve met over the last few months have indicated an interest in learning to read the cards. Dash has been doing that for like 20 years, so he’ll talk a bit about how he does things, then we’ll break into teams of two, and see what we can do with simple three-card draws. Dash has a dozen or so decks, so if you want to come but don’t have your own cards, you can use a loaner set for the night. At the end, we’ll come back together as a large group, talk about what worked, what didn’t, and how we can continue to work together to hone our skills.

Feel free to bring snacks. Dash’ll probably have something to put out to munch on, but more food is always appreciated.

Don’t forget: Dash has three cats and a dog and four snakes. The snakes are upstairs; no need to even see them if you find them icky. As for the mammals: the allergic are advised to take their meds.

Overnight couches and guest room available upon request (or necessity — see earlier comments about booze).

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