The Annual Firefly Interest Meeting

[please keep your RSVP up to date so we can plan for snacks and materials for the meeting]

What is the purpose of this meeting?
This meeting has a threefold goal:
1. For initiates to explain to members who we are and how we influence the tradition.
2. To give our experience of what life in a coven is like vs. our “outer court”, to see if you may be interested in future membership in either.
3. To inform meetup members of the structure of the organization as a whole.

We also intend to have an informal social hour after the library meeting so newer folks can get to know us (details TBD)

This meeting will give you a great idea of Firefly’s overall structure, levels of involvement and membership, and how to get involved. The vast majority of what we do is outside of the coven structure and most initiates are not in a coven, so there are many ways to get involved outside of them:

Firefly General Members: Anyone registered with our meetup (so, you!)
Members are free to drop in (or out) whenever they like with no expectations.

Firefly Initiates: Members who complete the annual training series (March – May) and then undergo the Ritual of Initiation in June. Firefly initiates are the leaders and organizers of the organization and are responsible for most of the planning and guidance of our events and work. Some initiates are more involved than others, which is ok. You determine your own level of involvement. We hope that each initiate sets a goal of taking on an organizer role with at least one event or project per year.

Coven Members: Some initiates are also members of a coven, a small working group with various levels and commitment requirements. Coven membership can be very rewarding but demanding experience, so there are only small handful of these members.

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