Third Thorsday: Firefly NOVA Night Out

A few weeks ago, a post on the Facebook group asked if there were any social outings schedule. At the time, the answer was no, that’s no longer the case!

There’s a lot of us in NOVA and the VA suburbs of DC, so this is a chance for us to get together, have some pub food and beverages, and chat about witchy stuff. We won’t have an official topic for this month, but we will discuss what sort of stuff we might hope to chat about in the future. As long as things are successful, we’ll see about scheduling this one on a more on-going basis and whether or not it stays on Thorsdays (which, frankly, I chose only for the alliteration), whether it stays at the pub or moves to a less public location, etc.

Closest metro stop to the pub is the blue line’s Van Dorn station. From there, you’ll need an Uber or Lyft ride to get from the station to the restaurant; it’s about 2.5 miles from start to finish.

Try to keep your RSVP up to date. If we have a large enough group, I’ll let the pub know we’re coming so we don’t show up and need them to prepare a massive table or something.

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