Thirsty Thorsday: A Pagan Happy Hour

The god of thunder demands your presence at the great hall of victors where libations shall be imbibed. Speak of your triumphs in defeating another Frost Giant (work day) in the great land of Valhalla…

Or in other words….

We’re more than just classes and rituals! Join us for an informal happy hour to catch up with your Firefly friends or make some new ones. We have such a busy teaching and ritual schedule that we don’t always get time to hang out and connect on a more personal level.

Meet us in the lounge/bar area!

For this one, we’ll have information available about our Mabon camping trip in late September.

All Firefly social events are free to attend. If you’d like to help support our org and the work we do, feel free to drop us a tip in the donation jar we’ll have out.

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