Two Trees: An Introduction to the Hermetic and Hebrew Kabbalah

Note: This isn’t a Firefly-hosted event but rather a “recommended event” due to the useful information that Kabbalistic theory holds for many magical traditions, including Firefly. This event is hosted by our friends at the William Blake Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis.


Please arrive no earlier than 5:00pm and no later than 5:20pm.
$20 admission; free for dues-current members of the William Blake Lodge OTO. 
Admission can be paid in cash or paypal at the event.

Because the language and symbolism of Kabbalah underpins so much of Western esotericism, a basic understanding of its concepts will enhance an appreciation for the practices of modern magical practitioners of all stripes. This talk by Dr. Richard Kaczynski will explore two main variants of Kabbalah: We will look at the magical systems taught by Western mystery schools like the Golden Dawn, A.’.A,’, and O.T.O., and examine the essential tools and building blocks needed to get the most out of your initiations and magical studies in these traditions—including the Tree of Life, Tarot, correspondences, and how these relate to practices such as banishing rituals and solar adorations. In addition, we’ll look at the “kosher” Kabbalah—the rabbinical system presented by Aryeh Kaplan, Benjamin Blech and the like—and explore teachings and methods that are rarely discussed by Western magicians, but which enrich and expand one’s practices. This includes the Lurianic Tree of Life, meditative exercises from early Chasidic mystics, kabbalistic sex magick, and equidistant letter sequences. 

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