Unguentum Sabbati – Crafting A Flying Ointment

“In the dark of night they meet in a forest clearing. One by one they smother a foul ooze upon one anothers naked bodies. They dance in ecstasy as the poison goo seeps into their bloodstream. As the drums and rattles overwhelm the senses, their bodies become lighter than air as they touch off the ground and lift into the night sky. Soaring between the stars, they take their flight to the sabbat gathering and enact their witchery…”

Dramatic tales of witch flight like the above can be found all across Europe from hundreds of years past. The flying ointment is said to be a toxic aid responsible for the witch’s flight to the sabbat meeting grounds. Traditional flying ointments from old Europe were said to be made from a noxious mix of animal fats, poisons, and a number of other nefarious ingredients. In this hands-on activity, we’ll craft a DYI non-toxic, animal-free flying ointment* that’s easy to make and replicate in the future. While mixing our ointments, we’ll discuss the history of the witches’ “Unguentum Sabbati”, what it’s used for, and how the spirits of flowers, roots, and leaves will aid us in traversing the otherworld. Take your own container home and put it to use in dream work, astral travel, and otherworldly trance.

Class Fee: Sliding scale from $10 to $25. Folks who contribute more will help subsidize students who need to do less.
You can contribute here online or via paypal to [masked]. Please register *before* the class as I will need to purchase materials ahead of time. 
Class fee contributes to Firefly’s many wonderful programs along with the craft materials. 

PLEASE keep your RSVP up to the date. We need a minimum of 3 people for this to work properly so its important to know who will actually be with us in the room.

*note: although this recipe is non-toxic, it will still contain thujone alkaloids from a couple of the plants that is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or nursing.

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