Wicca 3 + Elements Classes

[Please keep your RSVP up to date as far in advance as possible so we can plan the class flow for the size of the group. Thank you!]

[Please note: You must have completed Wicca 1 and 2 to attend Wicca 3. The material covered will relate to all past classes. Thanks for understanding!]

Room: MLK Room 221

Save the date for the final set of classes for the Firefly Tradition of Wicca foundations class series! 

Wicca 3 will cover:

• Developing a relationship with the gods as priest(ess) of the Craft

• Working with the egregore: the sacred group mind and thoughtform of our tradition, how it works, how to use it, and how to contribute to it.

• Ancestors of the Craft: Working with the Mighty Dead

• What it means to be part of a tradition, whether in a coven or an outer court.

• Finding your “vocation”, or areas of special interest to have eventual mastery with.

Elements will cover:

• The origin of the classical elements and how they found their way into Wiccan thought.

• The psychological associations of the elements. How do they play out in our mental/emotional/spiritual lives?

• The Guardians and Watchers of the Craft: Their origins and how Firefly views them.

• Working with elementals, nature spirits, and other brings of the land.

Wicca 3 – David Salisbury
Elements – TBA

This is the final class series required for initiation into the outer court tradition of Firefly. Folks who complete these classes will be given instructions on final projects to complete, should they chose initiation. Public initiations for this year take place at our Litha (Summer Solstice)  gathering this summer. You must have taken all previous foundations classes to attend this one.

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