Firefly Announces Formation of New Hive Coven

Following in the flow of the spirit of the Craft, which is ever-evolving change, we have some big news to share with you all today. The Firefly tradition, which has been run via the seat of one core coven for many years, will soon be hiving off to form a second coven. The hiving of a new coven is a big step forward for any emerging tradition and we are so excited to have reached this point in our journey.

How did this come about? The outer court tradition of Firefly has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years in particular. Locally, we have over 140 general “members” in addition to the 16 active initiates that comprise both Coven of the Spiral Moon and the outer court initiates. As we reach the end of this summer’s Firefly Wicca training course, there is a new batch of students who are absolutely brilliant and highly qualified for coven work. The problem was, CSM is capped at 8 members, a number we did not wish to exceed. So the only option for continued growth was to birth a new coven, to be a “younger sibling” of Coven of the Spiral Moon, which will now be considered the “Mother Coven.”

In most traditions, a hive is formed by many members leaving the Mother Coven to form the hive. Instead, we will be forming the hive coven entirely out of new dedicants, with a rotating interim High Priest or High Priestess coming from CSM. CSM will “loan” the hive coven a 2nd or 3rd degree initiate for a two month (two meeting) period at a time. This will happen until the dedicants of the hive go through the initiation process and are able to lead rituals in the style of our tradition on their own. This will likely be a year after the first dedication rites are performed.

Potential dedicants will be pre-selected based on those who have completed this year’s Firefly Wicca course and have expressed interest in coven work. After that, others may petition for membership, which will be subject to a unanimous vote from the hive dedicants and the pool of interim HPs. The hive will be considered sovereign, although CSM will remain as a mentor throughout.

Requirements to join and maintain membership in the hive with mirror those of the Mother Coven. Members must attend at least 4 out of 8 sabbat rituals and 8 out of 12 full moons rituals, in addition to keeping up the with flow of training that happens within our dedication + 3 degree structure.

More information will be posted about the hive coven following this year’s outer court initiations on August 2nd, 2014 as potential dedicants will be primarily pulled from that graduating class for consideration.

Onwards to a bright and expansive future!

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