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In the spirit of constant improvement and community partnership, The Firefly House spent the last few weeks of 2017 seeking out responses from our official members (folks who have a registered account with our meetup page). Members include both initiates as well as basic event attendees. The questions range from class topics to how people think Firefly does with diversity and inclusion. Some responses are individual and customized, so not all of them will be shared here. The following are responses to summary questions. We will use this feedback to craft classes, rituals, and other events that seem to interest everyone the most. To everyone who participated, we thank you for your feedback!

Of the following types of events, which ones do you *most* enjoy attending: 


Results: Interest is almost evenly split between rituals and classes, which isn’t surprising as these are our most well-attended events. More information relating to member interest in community service will be explored closer to the end of the survey below.

On a star-rating scale of 1-10 (1 being terrible and 10 being phenomenal) how would you rate Firefly’s commitment to diversity?

Results: Our star rating regarding diversity landed at 9 out of 10 this year. This is pleasing to see but we all know that we can and should do better. Communities should always strive to involve all of their members on every level. We will continue to push for increased visibility among our most marginalized members and support their ambitions as much as possible. Even 1% of our membership believing that we can do better is motivation enough to do so. We believe that “diversity” is more than just a word on paper. It is action, follow-through, and direct representation.

Although most events are held wherever we can manage to find space (so we can’t always control it), where do you *most* prefer events to be held?

Results: The immediate metro Virginia areas closest to the DC proper are the most popular locations for events. This isn’t surprising as most of the space we are able to secure tends to be in these areas. The Virginia suburbs tend to have larger spaces available at a lower (or free) cost. The surprising part is that DC proper followed so close behind, at only 9% less of members preferring to meet there. This is certainly enough of a response to cause us to consider trying harder to host more events in the District when possible.

Would you be interested in attending a class online?


Results: Half of all responding members say they would take a class online. Although we maintain that in-person community is the core of our purpose, we will certainly be exploring occasional digital class opportunities in 2018.

Outside of our standard Wiccan foundations training, we offer a variety of classes offered by various members. What topics would you most like to learn about? [check all the apply]

Results: This was perhaps the most intriguing of all the survey question results. An extremely high margin of members (75%) are interested in topics relating to the tarot and “traditional” (i.e. non-Wiccan) witchcraft. Wicca itself landed at the very bottom of all options, with only 33% of members reporting their interest. These results are certainly in line with global pagan community trends right now as practices identified as “traditional witchcraft” are enjoying a massive surge in popularity. We welcome all occult and pagan topics taught by our members and guests so while we will still continue to offer a wide variety of classes, knowing which classes are of most interest is an extremely valuable piece of information. Of course, Firefly itself is a Wiccan tradition on the formal religious side, yet would be better termed as “pagan-pagan” or “general witchcraft” group on the practical and organizational side.

More than half of all members having an interest in ritual theory and group dynamics shows that our membership has mature interests relating to seeing our community succeed and achieving a higher caliber of organizational confidence and mastery.

Note: The “other” responses were custom entries and ended up landing in what we would actually categorize as traditional witchcraft (trance and spirit work) or New Age categories like Gaia Theory.

The nation is in a chaotic and stressful place. What sufferings can our Firefly community help to alleviate through spiritual and physical assistance?

Results: This question had custom texts responses that we won’t copy and paste here due to privacy. But overall, the vast majority of respondents wrote that they would like to see Firefly engaged in more political magic, as well as performing community and volunteer service projects. This is interesting since earlier in the survey, only 5% of all members said they would actually help and become involved with these topics personally. We want to take this opportunity to remind our community that Firefly is intended to be what our members make of it. Most of our leadership is very involved with local community service. We would absolutely love to see our membership become more involved in these things, but we need your help to turn plans into reality.

On a star-rating from 1-5, how well do you feel that Firefly explains who we are, what we do, and how we’re organized?

Results: An average of 4 our of 5 members believe that we are closer to the “excellent” side of explaining who we are and what we do.



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