Firefly Statement on Police Brutality and Racism

washingtonDC09_04We are experiencing more tragedy and injustice in the nation as we learn about the horrific outcome of the Staten Island Grand Jury decision that will not indict Eric Garner’s killer. Let it be known that The Firefly House stands in solidarity as a pagan organization and Wiccan tradition in the belief that#blacklivesmatter, always. And as witches, may we have the wisdom to listen, learn, and absorb the cries of those who suffer under oppression. Further, we highlight our policy of not only nondiscrimination, but of radical inclusivity. We will continue to strive to be a safe, welcoming, and empowering space for Pagans of color, embracing all listening and learning tools necessary to become such a space. Being based in our nation’s capital, we will always take the position of freedom and opportunity for all. These are the ideals that America was founded upon and we will always seek that as part of our Great Work.

We ask all students, initiates, and followers of our line to stand in support by listening, learning, and when called to do so: acting. Magick has always been the spiritual language of the oppressed and so we as witches must carry that through in all areas.

We also call upon other pagan organizations in taking a stand in these matters. Paganism is “of the world” and we cannot shirk in fear when the world is shown to be difficult. Be brave, witches! Stand for love and justice, always.

#HailColumbia #EricGarner #HandsUp #ICantBreathe

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