Honoring 2015 Firefly Initiates: Part 1



We are pleased to announce that after many months of training, lessons, assignments, and personal spiritual development, the Firefly tradition has welcomed four new initiates into the roles of priests and priestesses of our line. The rite of initiation was performed at our Litha gathering this past Saturday. Initiates were duly anointed and given the secret spell to awaken the Firefly egregore. They are:

Kyriel (Elizabeth)

Later this month we will see the initiations of the last part of this year’s pool of candidates (three more individuals). We also honor all of the students of this year’s Foundation course- even those who weren’t able to finish for one reason or another. This training can be taxing and it’s important to know that all good training in the Craft is a delicate balance of being demanding and fulfilling. Thank you- we honor your work!

Christine, Lonnie, and Kyriel. Three of our four new initiates.Christine, Lonnie, and Kyriel. Three of our four new initiates.


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