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There are several paths to membership within The Firefly House both as a tradition and as an organization. Each path varies in terms of the level of commitment you can give to the tradition and what you’re interested in doing.

Path of the Coven
This is the highest level of commitment. Currently, the DC area of Firefly has has three covens; two that are established and one that is in the early stages of hiving (starting out). Learn more about our covens here >>

Path of the DC Outer Circle for Non-Initiates
The majority of our public events are held within the container of our DC-area meetup group. General members of the meetup are considered “members” of Firefly. This is the easiest level of commitment and means you can pick and choose the events you’d like to attend. The only requirement is that you maintain a respectable attitude at events and treat all members and guests with kindness and respect.  Join the DC meetup group here >>

Path of the DC-Area Outer Circle for Initiates (NEW)
In times past, the one way to be an initiate of the Firefly tradition was to join a coven or complete the entire clergy training program. We have recently decided that DC-area members who cannot or will not join a coven and do not want to pursue the path of clergy may seek “outer circle initiation.” Initiates of the tradition are considered part of the general priesthood and will receive special invitations to certain tradition-only events throughout the year. Unlike our covens, there is no degree system for outer circle initiates. There is only one initiation. The following are requirements to be considered for outer circle initiation:

  • Candidates for outer circle initiation should regularly attend as many open events as possible so we can get to know you (if we don’t already)
  • Completion of our three part Wicca class series
  • Completion of both the Sabbats and Tools classes
  • Become skilled in one divination technique
  • Maintenance of a consistent daily practice
  • An individual study of one topic specific to the Craft, upon approval from a Firefly second OR third degree initiate. Candidate will complete an essay on the topic or teach it for the outer circle.
  • Initiates should attend at least half of all open sabbat rituals and communicate regularly with other members of the tradition.

Local members in the DC-area should contact us to inquire about initiation into the tradition >>