2017 Firefly Mabon Retreat


2017 Firefly Mabon Retreat
Weekend of September 23-24
Prince William Forest Park: Triangle VA
(Only 30 minutes south of Arlington)

Please read all information about the Mabon retreat carefully. Most importantly: there is different information for initiates than there is for general (meetup) Firefly members. The first part of this retreat is for initiates-only, while the second part is open to all members, guests, and their friends/family.

Lodging Options

If you would like to stay in the rustic on-site cabins with us, you can pay for that here. If you prefer to camp in a tent (be aware that the tent area is away from our section) or a hotel, that information is at the lower half of this page. There is no charge to Firefly if you plan to work out a tent camping or hotel situation. We are merely facilitating the cabin reservatiprocessess for you.


Pricing: The pricing in the checkout options reflect an “early-bird” rate. Each option will go up by $10 after September 1.
Please register as early as you can so we can prepare.

altarTentative  Schedule

[Red = “Restricted to initiates only]

Friday, September 22 (Initiates Only)
4:00 – 7:00 pm: Arrival and setup times (you are welcome to come later but it will be dark by 7 pm. We will be settled in by 7 and less likely to be able to help you unload)
7:oo – 9:oo pm: Initiates fireside bonding. Copies of the charter and bylaws will be provided for review ahead of time

Saturday, September 23
11:oo am – 1 pm: Annual initiates planning meeting, brainstorming, and bylaw revisions/voting
1:00 pm: Final setup before general members arrive
2:00 pm: General members arrive
4:00 pm: Mabon ritual and devotional
5:00 pm: Dinner
6:00 pm: Workshop TBA
7:00 pm: Bonfire lighting begins @ Grand Fire Ring
8:00 pm: Astrological stargazing by the camp central clearing (Lonnie)

Sunday, September 24
8:00 am: Morning long hike (medium to hard activity, 2-3 hours) (Jay)
9:00 am: Morning devotional
11:00 am: Pack up and depart

General Park Information

What are the regulations of the camp?
All pets are prohibited in the cabin camp area, cabins and camp buildings (except service animals).
Smoking is not permitted in any of the cabins or buildings.
Cabins should be swept and free of trash upon departure.
Quiet hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
Please be considerate of fellow campers. Keep your cabin area and the comfort stations free of trash and personal belongings.
Please recycle using the proper container located within the camp.
To prevent animal and pest problems, please place trash in provided covered trash receptacles or carry it out with you
Fires are not permitted outside of the provided grills and fireplaces in the lodge building
Camping tents, screen tents or other structures are not permitted in the cabin camp
Removal or moving of picnic tables, beds, or mattresses is prohibited.
Vandalism of cabins and other buildings is against federal law and subject to stiff fines and/or prosecution
Electrical appliances (Stoves, AC Units, heaters, etc.) are prohibited.
Firewood purchased or brought from outside of the park must be USDA certified. Campers may use down and dead wood of less than 6 inches in diameter and no longer than the length and width of the provided camping grill.

What are the regulations of the Firefly House for this event?
Although this retreat is family-friendly, you must be 18+ if you are attending by yourself. Youth are welcome to come but must be supervised by their guardian at all times
As with all events, members and guests are expected to uphold our nondiscrimination policy [Charter, Code of Conduct, Article 2]:
“Expressions or acts of racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, will not be tolerated. Further, members will also not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, gender identity/expression, or national origin (ancestry).”
Not only will we keep this beautiful park clean, but we intend to leave it cleaner than how we found it. Please help by picking up trash as you walk past it, even if its not yours.
Alcohol is OK within reason. You MUST be 21+ to drink and you are expected to bring your own. Attendees of the Grand Fire Circle will be carded if you appear to be under 30.
Photos are OK. If you do not wish to be photographed, you will be able to note that on your name tag when you arrive


Meals are “on your own” so if you plan to stay a night, please plan accordingly. The park is close to the highway so some people like to go out to eat. We encourage you to eat with us if you’re able to, as it’s a great way to make friends!

Tent Camping Info
Hotel info
Park directions


Other FAQ’s

  • Can I come to the festivities Saturday but not camp out?
    Yes! If you just want to come for the day, you are welcome to arrive on Saturday at 2pm or later. No charge (except for Park parking which is $7)


  • I’ve never even been to a Firefly event, or I have but still don’t know people well. Is this the event for me?
    Yes! This retreat is designed both to make new friends and bond with old ones. Many folks who come to this are new. You will be most welcomed!


  • I am very new to paganism and witchcraft. Is this event for me?
    Yes! Our main ritual will be very easy to follow, as will the couple of short workshops we’ll be having. Most of this event is a “get to know you” and bonding type of gathering. Our prime focus for the weekend is social.
  • Can I bring my children?
    Yes, but you are responsible for supervising them at all times. Several of our members have kids so they’ll most likely have someone to play with.


  • I’m a city-dweller and don’t have a car. Are there ride-share options?
    Welcome to the club! Many of us are carless and we love ride-sharing. If you’d like to try and get a ride from the closest metro station, post a comment on the Meetup page to ask.
    It’s technically even possible to metro and then take Uber/Lyft. The park is a 30 minute drive from Springfield Station and in the past, members have split Ubers to the park. Its not the cheapest option in the world, but it works. But it is likely that you’ll be able to find a ride through meetup.


  • So, how rustic are these cabins?
    They are pretty rustic. However, most of them have an outlet or two for electricity. There are even shower houses with hot water and real plumbing, which is great! There are raised beds inside with a thin plastic ‘mattress’ that’s not too uncomfortable. Some members like to bring extra padding and dress their spaces up. Feel free to do that!


  • Who sleeps in which cabins? Are they gender-separated?
    We will be renting several group cabins within the same park space and you are welcome to pick whichever ones you like. Usually, most of the initiates sleep in one big cabin while general members sleep in the others (this helps the initiates stay close for event planning purposes. If you have friends you’d like to be in the same cabin with, that is fine, but please note that beds are “first come, first served” so arrive on time so you can take your pick of your favorite. The cabins are not separated by gender, but the bathrooms and shower houses are (we wish the bathrooms were gender-neutral but this is a park stipulation that we can’t change).


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please post your questions or comments to our community meetup page for this event. That way, all of our priests and priestesses will be able to see it and respond.
If you have a private question or a detailed question that you don’t want on meetup, you can contact the logistics coordinator for the event, David Salisbury, at rainbowspikes@hotmail.com.