Solidarity with Declaration 127




Declaration 127 is a signed statement of opposition to the Asatru Folk Assembly, which has more frequently been discussed among the pagan and polytheist communities for their growing outspoken racism, homophobia, and sexism. It is important for organizations to visibly state that they oppose bigotry and oppression. It is important to state these these things will not be left to silence. Declaration 127 was intended to be signed by Heathen organizations and kindreds. We at the Firefly House, although not a Heathen organization, felt that this was a good opportunity to stand in solidarity with the Declaration and what it stands for. Therefore, let it be known that the Firefly House, one of the largest pagan organizations and witchcraft traditions in the mid-Atlantic region, stands in support of Declaration 127 and all efforts towards ending racism in it’s many insidious forms. Let it be known that this show of solidarity was voted on unanimously by participating voters of the Firefly council of initiates. We make this known with pride and with a renewed commitment to making our own spaces fairer and more just.

Blessed be the beloved community
Blessed be our gods and powers
Blessed be the egregore

The Firefly House – September 8, 2016

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