Time to Pack for Mabon!

Coming to the Firefly Mabon camping retreat? Here’s a list of recommended items to pack:

  • Camping chair: We highly recommend this. You can also bring a blanket for the fireside if you don’t mind getting it dirty. Target sells good camping chairs starting at about $10.
  • Bedding: The cots are just a metal frame with a cushion pad. You’ll want to bring your own blankets or sleeping bag and a pillow.
  • Potluck dish and a utensil to serve it with for the main feast.
  • Food for yourself. There is no refrigeration so we recommend freezing things ahead of time or bringing things that can remain at room temperature. The cabins will also have plenty of space for coolers if you want to bring one from home. Think sandwiches, snack bags, etc. Alcohol is OK within reason. BYOB and please keep things clean and tidy.
  • Versatile clothing for all weather. It will be hot during the day and then chilly at night. Its also a good idea to bring extra dry socks.
  • Flashlight (or use your phone light)
  • Toiletries: Soap, toothbrush, etc. Plus a towel if you plan to use the shower houses.
  • Earplugs if you’re a light sleeper: Remember you’ll be in a cabin with dozens of other sleepers.
  • BONUS: We need firewood! Everyone who brings bundles of wood with them will get extra raffle tickets for our fabulous array of prizes. Help out the community and enter to win something nice for yourself.
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