Celebrating Initiations: Michael and Pádraig

Last week, the Firefly tradition of Witchcraft celebrated the initiations of two members to what we call our “Outer Court.” Outer Court initiates are valued members who have gone through training in Firefly’s style of Wicca and Witchcraft, regularly attend events, and agree to strive towards certain aspirations within their spiritual lives. The most recent […]

Pagans for Tornado Relief

We are copying the following call for action written by T. Thorn Coyle of Solar Cross Temple. We ask that all Firefly members and supports please support this work in whatever way you can. If you can donate, please do.  please send donations via Paypal to with the subject line marked “Tornado Relief”. At least […]

Pagan Intrafaith

    By David Salisbury A very important value in the Firefly Tradition is intrafaith. Intrafaith (different from interfaith) in our case is the process of networking and building bonds with Pagans in other traditions and organizations. For us, this usually manifests in the form of attending the rituals of other traditions as a group and co-planning […]